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Lucas was perfectly normal yesterday. Last night, he took $9104 from the register and lost it in Atlantic City ("It's recirculating.") and started talking "like the Chinese guy off of the Karate Kid."

Corey's going to Harvard. She loves her job...she's got the perfect life. Or at least that's what everybody thinks. She's actually a closet speed-freak who's decided that she'll lose her virginity today to once-teen-idol-now-washed-up-artist Rex Manning.

Gina's screwed.With everyone, that is. Now all she has to do is become a singer in a band... if she ever gets up the nerve to audition.

A.J. loves Corey...but she doesn't have a clue. He'll tell her by noon... maybe. With love on his mind 24/7, how will he decide if he'll go to art school?

Mark's in the band, Marc ("with a c"). But first he has to learn how to play an insturment, and get some musicians to play with him.

Debra tried to slit her wrists with a pink daisy bic shaver last night over a fight with Berco, she shaved her head in the bathroom this morning, and spoke at her own funeral....She's the most sane in the entire group.

Rex Manning's making an appearance in Empire Records. He's a tired, washed-up teen idol with a personal assistant, Jane, in tow.<

Warren Beatty (if that's his real name...) is a 15 year old kid caught shop-lifting. He came back, waving a gun in the air and studying quarters on the carpet.

Holding Empire Records together is the manager, Joe. He's got one day to save his store from being turned into a Music Town, and he needs the $9104 to do it.

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